6 HIIT Workouts that Would Help you Reduce your Body Fat


Nowadays most people use cardio machines in order to lose fat, or get in shape. And why is that? It is simply because you don’t sweat, don’t feel pain and you can read a magazine, or browse the Internet while doing this. Even though cardio machines are good on the whole, there are much more effective ways you can train in order to reach your training goals.

In this article you will be presented with 6 HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts  that will be fun, really tough, a true test for your body and mind and would be highly beneficial to your health and body.

Different Energy Systems

Don’t start celebrating yet, because I would like to tell you more about the energy systems that are involved in these workouts. These energy systems are three.

  1. High Energy Phosphate System

This energy system provides the energy for the muscles during the first 1-15 seconds of a workout. ATP gets activated and this is great because that is how metabolic changes take place.

  1. Anaerobic Glycolytic System

This is the energy system that provides our muscles with energy after the initial 15 seconds but before the intensive workout has reached 3 minutes. During this system would be firing muscle fibers very fast and you would be causing minor damage to your muscles (which is good).

  1. Aerobic Oxidative System

This system is primarily used for exercises that have lower intensity than exercises that turn the anaerobic system on. This means that it is active when you are walking, climbing stairs and jogging.

As you would see, all of these systems would be used in our workouts. Anyway, enough science, let’s train!

  1. Car Pushes

car-pushesYou have never tried pushing a car? Then you have missed one of the best workouts. Not only do you improve your cardio conditioning but your leg and upper body strength increase significantly too. After I tried this workout squats and leg press became child’s game for me. This happens because you practically force all of your muscles’ strength for the initial push of the car and for the continuous pushing. All you need in order to complete this workout is a car and a yard. You just have to put the car in neutral (but make sure you are on flat ground, otherwise you would end up chasing your car) and you start pushing. You must keep your arms straight, your head should be down and you should push for about 10-30 seconds.

Another thing you should decide on is the car you are about to start pushing. You don’t want a car you cannot move even an inch but you also don’t want a car that feels like shopping cart.

How to do it

10 minute brisk walk or slow jogging in order to warm up

4 intervals of 10-30 seconds with 3-4 minute brisk walk between the intervals

10 minute brisk walk to cool down

  1. Sled Drags

sled-dragSome of you might be wondering what this is. This is a quite effective workout for all trainees that want to get in the best possible shape. In this workout you train mostly your core but your glutes and hams are also included. The harness which connects you and the sled also helps you keep your spine straight, no matter how tired you might feel. If, however, you round your back, you would certainly feel this pose unnatural and will switch back to the straight spine. Sled drags are very beneficial for many different sports as it not only trains your body but it teaches you what your body is capable of. What’s more, once you get rid of the harness you would feel as light as a feather. Your strength and speed would have increased significantly.

Louie Simmons gave an advice for sled dragging “you’ve got too much weight when you’re walking like you’re drunk.”

How to do it

10 minute brisk walk or slow jogging in order to warm up

5 10-30 second intervals with 2-3 minute brisk walk between the intervals

10 minute brisk walk to cool down

  1. Heavy Rope Training

This workout was initially developed for footballers and mixed martial artists but is now getting more and more popular as a HIIT cardio. If you want to try out a new great workout but you are sick of your legs not being able to move then this is the best alternative for you. It gives you strength, agility and endurance. You can do any repeating movement you like but the most common ones are throws, whips and waves. The most important thing is you have to swing your arms up and down.

You need to be really stable, which also helps for training your core.


How to do it

5 minute rope jumping in order to warm up

3-5 sets of 10-30 second interval with 45-60 seconds of rest between the intervals

5 minute rope jumping in order to cool down

  1. Kettlebell Swings

kettlebell-swingKettelbells are getting more and more popular among trainees these days. The swings are a magnificent HIIT workout that activates your hams and glutes. Studies show that during the swing itself different muscles are activated. Overall, the muscles that are involved in this exercise are mainly the back, the abdominal muscles and the glutes. Muscle activation is at its maximum during the concentric phase. During the eccentric phase the muscles are almost completely relaxed. While doing this exercise you are firing muscle fibers which leads to muscle growth.

You should be careful when choosing the weight as you must make a lot of repetitions and use good form of the exercise.

How to do it

5 minute rope jumping or 10 minute brisk walk in order to warm up

5 sets of 10-30 second intervals with 45-60 seconds of rest between the intervals

5 minute rope jumping or 10 minute brisk walk in order to cool down

  1. Boxing

This workout is also great when you not only want to train hard but you also want to feel less stressed after a long day at work. Boxing is a great upper body workout and it also works well for those that have some injuries or limitations of the lower body. However, it is highly recommended that you do not train your upper body again the same day or the following day as you would be really tired.


How to do it

10 minutes of rope jumping in order to warm up

5 rounds of 10-30 second intervals

2-4 minutes of rope jumping between the intervals

10 minute brisk walk in order to cool down

  1. Sprints

sprintsSprints are presented last in this article but they are definitely one of the best workouts someone can do. Everyone has at least once admired the legs of sprinters. The increased muscle mass in legs that sprinters have is due to the fact that they damage their muscles a lot during their trainings and this is followed by muscle growth. Some people believe sprints are not a very hard workout and they are not beneficial enough. However, if you go sprinting right now, on the following day you would feel as if you did a hard leg workout in the gym. Studies show that sprints compared to steady paced running is better in some ways. Sprints not only help you burn a lot of calories and build your body but they also have beneficial effects on metabolism.

A Metcalfe study shows that if you want to burn fat sprints are better (3 times per week for 10 minutes) than steady state training because it is both less time consuming and improves the glucose tolerance test and improves insulin sensitivity.

How to do it

10 minute brisk walk

5 sets of 10-30 second intervals with 1-4 minutes of rest in between the intervals

10 minute brisk walk in order to cool down

To sum up

Even though HIIT cardio is great you should now that it has both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should include HIIT in their workouts but they should not be overused. 3-4 HIIT cardio workouts are probably the weekly maximum and they shouldn’t be done after a high intensity leg day. The intervals are kept from 10 to 30 seconds because everyone has different AT (anaerobic threshold). When you start practicing those workouts you shouldn’t reach your maximum but you should go slowly and this way your AT will improve. The best possible advice is to experiment and try what is best for your body. I recommend starting with 10 second intervals and working towards reaching 30 seconds.

All you have to do in train smart and not get injured. Now after you learned about these great workouts – go train!