How to save from salary without deprivation

How to save from salary without deprivation

How to save from salary without deprivation

The concept of saving money is usually associated with deprivation, because it entails reducing expenses in several ways, but in reality one does not necessarily deprive himself in order to save money, but he must try to spend money in the right place and avoid additional or luxury expenses, in order to secure A small amount in order to save it, as saving money provides its owner with the necessary money when needed, whether for education, buying a house, or for retirement and emergencies, and to learn about ways to save money from salary without feeling deprived, we will review the most important of them during this article.

The most prominent ways to save from your salary without feeling deprived

Whether you have a low, medium or high income, there are always ways in which you can save money, and the following are the most prominent of these ways:

Expense tracking

Tracking expenses is the first step through which you can start saving money, as through tracking it is possible to know the aspects of spending and determine what are the most necessary, and what can be dispensed with.

Create an appropriate budget

The budget comes in second place in terms of importance in the steps of saving, as the budget helps in organizing spending, as through it all aspects of spending and specific amounts of spending can be identified, and it is worth noting that without a budget, extravagance becomes easier.

Getting rid of debt

Debt constitutes a great burden on the salary, especially if it entails profits such as credit cards. In the event that you start saving money, you must first develop a plan to get rid of debts first, in order to reduce the profits incurred from them and use these profits in a savings plan.

Reducing expenses

These are expenses that can be dispensed with or find a less expensive alternative, and examples of them are taking food to work instead of buying it, buying cheap sports equipment to exercise indoors instead of joining a gym, and sharing a car with others for a fee when going to work.

Price negotiation

When buying or even paying bills, the full amount is not always paid, as prices can often be negotiated to obtain a discount, and another way to get discounts is not to buy at the beginning of the season, and this is usually related to clothes, as prices often drop in Mid and end of the season.

Reducing accommodation costs

This item is related to rented homes, as accommodation costs can be reduced by moving to less expensive residential areas, as well as living in smaller homes and therefore less expensive. On the other hand, smaller homes reduce heating, air conditioning and energy costs in general.

Savings at an early age

When starting to save at an early age, it may not be necessary to deduct a large amount from the salary, because the time period for saving is longer, especially when the savings are for retirement age or for a long-term project such as buying a house or making an investment.

Start saving first

It means deducting the savings amount directly upon obtaining the salary, and before paying any expenses, so that the money allocated for savings is not a surplus from the budget and cash is available for exchange, and it is preferable to create a sub-savings account in the bank so that the savings amount is automatically deducted when paying the salary


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